Here it is ninjas!!! The finale of our first batch of episodes!


The season finale of Juggalohio! Chris Fafalios guest stars as an awesome furry, there’s a juggalo top 40 acoustic jamboree AND the Stone Cold stunner! Hope you all enjoy. Side note: the “fake party” we threw to film the montage scene was more fun than most parties I’ve been to.

Part 1 of our season finale. Really hoping “by the beard of Gyllenhaal!!!” becomes a household catchphrase. Hope y’all love the POG SCENE!!!!


Here is episode 5 of Juggalohio! I hope you enjoy and show a pal or 12, and I can’t wait for everyone to see the ridiculous two-part conclusion.


Here’s the “Empire Strikes Back” of the Juggalohio series. A real downer. Plenty of drama, a decent Levi Johnston joke, juggalos singing LFO AND a snippet of a brand Chris Fafalios track called “Wooden Floors” (a song which, to quote our cameraman/editor/wonderful man John Hansel, is “beautiful”). I hope you enjoy and share with buddies.

Playin’ catch up…tumblr style!!!!! Here’s episode #3!!!!!

we didn’t forget you this time, ninjas. here’s episode two!!

whoops. we forgot about you, tumblr. here’s the first episode that we dropped on 4/20. new episodes coming soon. and we’ll try to get them up here in a timely manner.

teaser trailer!!

Nick Testa - juggalohio
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This is a lil’ peek at the theme song for JUGGALOHIO, the web sitcom we’ll be shooting over the next month. It was written by Dayton, Ohio’s own NIGHTBEAST. As soon as we finished the scripts, I knew Nightbeast was the obvious choice to do the theme

Change Of Plans

The first weekend of filming was supposed to be this past weekend, but the stupid goddamn snow made it impossible for us to get the proper equipment. So we had to be flexible and push back filming a few weeks. On one hand, it sucked. On the other hand, it was awesome and allowed us a little more time to prepare. Good thing we have two hands.

There will be plenty of filming updates on here as we film throughout March. It’s gonna be a lot of fun, and we’re gonna try to share as much of that fun as we can through pictures and whatnot.

For some more current updates, and some juggalo sillyness (actually, it’s pretty much just all juggalo sillyness), follow us on Twitter at @Juggalohio. We’ve also created a Facebook page that shouldn’t be too hard to find. That will get built up over time.

We’re super excited about the process that we’re getting ourselves into, and we hope that we can get plenty of other people excited along the way. 

Until then, stay cool. Juggalo cool.